Privacy and security

Your personal information. You provide it to us, because that’s needed when you want to order something. But we can imagine that you would like to know why we ask for your personal information and what we do with it. We would like to tell you about this. If you still have questions after reading this, please let us know via our customer service


We secure all information you leave behind with the most modern techniques. If we give your details to someone else – you will read below why and when we do this – then we require that the other person treats your information just as carefully as we do and only uses them for the purpose for which he received them. If you feel that this is not the case, please let us know via our customer service.

What do we do with your information

We use your information for different purposes. After this you can see which they are. We use data received from you, but also data collected by ourselves. For example, information about your visit to our website.

For which purposes your information isn’t used

We never use your information to show you different prices than other customers. All our customers see the same prices for our items and products. We will never sell your information to others.

Something wrong with your account information or do you have another question?

Is there something wrong, or do you want to get something changed or removed, contact our customer service.