Collectez les cinq Force Field Couvertures. Force Field Couvertures résout la peur du noir ET les enfants s’amusent tout en les portant!!

This non-toxic organic pigment that glows in the dark has certain size phosphorescent molecules. These molecules need light to speed up. When they speed up, they glow. To get these molecules to their max speed, meaning glowing at their very brightest, takes at least 20 minutes under at least a 100-watt light source. 20 minutes of a very bright light source which will get the molecules to their top speed. Once they are at their top speed they will glow very bright. It will take 8 hours for the molecules to stop moving, and so stop glowing. So, over the 8 hours the Force Field glow will dim.
Interesting note: If you stay in a dark you room you will always see it glow. If you leave the room and then come back, your eyes are not adjusted to the dark, so you will think it is not glowing. But if you stand in the dark for a few minutes, your eyes adjust and “WOW” it is glowing again.

Trick to speed up the charging process to only two minutes is to use a blacklight. This speeds up the molecules superfast.

With the lights off, take a very bright flash light or blacklight flashlight and put the lighted end of the flash light on the surface of the Force
Field. Just like you would if you were using a pen or pencil. Move the head of the flash light along the surface of the Force Field to make your design or write your name. Move slowly to get the right effect.

Again, with the light in the room off first, put a toy or yourself on the Force Field. Then have someone turn on the light and count to 60
and turn the lights off. Then move the toy or yourself off the Force Field and you will see the shadow you made. If you do not see the shadow, you do nothave a bright enough room light. Solution: use a very bright flash light or a blacklight flashlight as your light source.

The blacklight flashlights are the best for playing and/or charging your Force Field. A Black Light Flashlight with 9 or 12 Blacklight LED’s is great for writing or drawing. A Blacklight Flashlight with 50 to 100 Blacklight LED’s is awesome for charging your Force Field much faster.

To help your Force Field’s glowing ability last for years, you must only wash them in Cold Water and then only dry them with the cool
air tumble dry setting on your dryer. Also, do not use Bleach and do not use an Iron on your Force Fields.

Force Field Cloaks are 100 centimeters wide and 137 centimeters long. They cover a twin-size bed from side to side and from the bottom up to where the
pillows start. The fabric is a lightweight 100% Polyester, Non-Toxic with Fleece on that back side and smooth on the front where the Force Field design is.

You will be happy to know that the Force Field Glow in the Dark ink is totally safe and passes all required test. The Force Field ink is a non-toxic organic glow in the dark ink.